Soccer: In My Own Words


So the Rangers game is on TV right now, but instead Rocket and I (mostly Rocket) are watching USA vs. Mexico in an international friendly game. I know nothing of soccer. I know you kick it, can’t use your hands, end in a tie or take your shirt off and show your sports bra.


Rocket, on the other hand, is shouting at the TV and players. He’s really into it. He played in high school and plays a little city league here in College Station. I don’t get the rules. Apparently it’s a good thing that someone kicked it out of bounds? Really?

This game is stupid. It was invented by European women so their husbands can stay home and cook. I can’t get into it unless a goal is scored for the Red, White, and Blue. Which we did score and beat Mexico for the first time ever in Mexico. They were so pissed they started throwing bottles and drinks at the US players.

That’s a mother reason I can’t get into the game. People riot and kill after a loss. I’m a Rangers and Cowboys fan, my heart is full of heartbreak, but I’ve never wanted to go on a killing spree. Rocket said that he gets why they’re upset and he’d probably do the same thing.

This dude is on dope.


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