This Blog Post Has No Title

My name is James Scott Newberry III. I was born November 9, 1989.


These are my loving, awesome parents. They have given me so much……except a name.

Just two days ago, I found out that when I was born my loving parents couldn’t figure out what to name me. I went 6 days without a name. I was just called Baby Newberry at the hospital. My mother told me that she wanted a girl and had all these pretty girl names picked out…then I was born. So sorry to disappoint, mother. My father’s defense didn’t help the situation. He said it wasn’t six days, but it was “no more than five” before they named me.

Our pastor came by the hospital and told them that he needed to announce that their child was born. Just say it was a boy.


4 responses to “This Blog Post Has No Title

  1. My parents were both expecting/’kinda wanting’ a boy. My father for some reason thought it would be nice to tell me that on my 13th birthday. I almost cried.


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