The Day I Was Locked in the Supply Closet at Work

The other day I went into the supply closet at work. I’ve been in there a million times and nothing has ever happened. I go in, I get what I need, and walk out.

This past Thursday, I went to work. It was a normal day. I saw patients and everything was rolling along smoothly, until I needed to go to the supply closet. I walked inside and the door shut behind me like it always does. I grabbed what I needed and went to open the door…it wouldn’t open. I jiggled the handle and it wouldn’t budge. I was trapped!

I did everything I could to make noise to get out. I knocked, jiggled the handle, and said anything in hopes people would hear me. No answer. This is it. I’m going to die right here in this closet between the bedpans and the ginormous box of Dum Dums.


Thankfully, my boss came and opened the door and let me out. She was a little curious about me laying on the floor crying though.


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