Easy Money: Week 2

So we didn’t do too well last week. Just like the athletes we’re betting on, we’ve got to hone our craft. The good news is we’re gonna get better every week. The bad news is we’ve got a long way to go to even be average. Let’s get started.

Oklahoma St (-10) at Arizona.

The Cowboys had the largest spread in the history of college football betting last week (-67.5) and they COVERED. I know it was Savannah State, but there wasn’t a single Ok St starter on the top performers list for the game. I feel confident that if I would have made it up to Stillwater before the game was over, I would have gotten some snaps at Qb. This game actually opened at (-11), 10 points should be no problem.

Louisiana Tech (-3.5) at Houston

Well, since La Tech didn’t play last week, I’ve really got no idea how they look. This is somewhat risky because the Bulldogs haven’t had a live game to work out the kinks. I sill like them to cover in this game. Houston was straight up turrible in last weeks game, and their OC resigned. If this comes down to (-3) put the house on it. I think it’ll stay where it’s at, but I also think the Fightin’ Terry Bradshaw’s win pretty big.

Wisconsin (-7) at Oregon State

I know Wisconsin struggled with (insert MAC team here). Honestly, (insert MAC team here) is probably a better team that the Beavers. This game could get ugly,

Nebraska (-6) at UCLA

This isn’t Rick Neuheisel’s UCLA team, but did you see the Huskers last week. OH MY. I don’t see how this game is a 6 point spread. Nebraska is looking like it could be a serious contender. We’ll see.

Risky Picks.

Georgia (-2) at Missouri

This game perplexes me. It’s like deep down I know Mizzou isn’t that good, but then you look at them and you’re like WOAH. UGA has 3 of their 4 DBs suspended for this game, if they were playing it would be no contest. I still like the Dawgs to cover.

Texas State (+18) at Texas Tech.

Do I really need to explain why this is risky.


If any of y’all are interested in getting into sports betting let me know, and I’ll hook you up.


*odds courtesy of Sportsbook.com

** I’m not responsible for you losing money based on my suggestions.


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