College Gameday Etiquette

College Gameday is in town, it’s the first SEC game and everyone is really, really excited. Well don’t let that excitement be the reason you look like an absolute fool on TV.

First, and most important, you know that friend you have that gets really drunk. You know the one that will probably be drinking when you go pick them up to head to the set at 5 am. Well, don’t let him anywhere near the camera. He’s just going to embarrass himself and everyone within shouting distance.

Show a little respect for the Washington State fans. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll clue you in. Washington State alums have flown their school flag at the list 96 College Gameday sets. Their always there, and given the teams record since they started. They deserve to be commended for their efforts, and except for Ryan Leaf, what has Wazzou ever done to anybody.

Over the last couple of years the show has featured a VERY pretty lady. The current pretty lady is Samantha Steele. If you watch the show on a regular basis, you know that part of her job is to go down into the crowd and interact with fans and students. I’m sure one of the hazards of that job are that she has to put up with the cat calls of every freshman drunk on Smirnoff that things he’s a ladies man. I’ve even been know to throw a few “Hey girl’s” here and there. The bottom line, and I shouldn’t even have to say this, keep it clean, and treat her with some respect.

Now we have to talk about signs. I know you spent all Thursday night making your “Choot ‘Em Ags’ sign. I know you think it’s clever, but do us all a favor and just throw it away right now. You know who else thought it was clever? Everybody else. Here’s a collection of some of the best sings over the years. Enjoy. If you do make a sign, keep the vulgarities out. If you want to get on TV “Gator fans wear jorts” is a classic.

If Herbie says this, Go Nuts.

Most importantly, have fun, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your momma to see you doing. You never know where those TV cameras are pointed



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