No It’s Not, Seattle


So the Seattle Seahawks fans call themselves the “12th Man” because it’s so loud. They claim to be home of the 12th Man.


The Home of the 12th Man is here in Aggieland. There’s no way in hell that CenturyLink Field can get as loud as Kyle Field. Heck, they don’t even stand the entire game if they’re needed.

I hate this. I mean their colors are highlighter green and navy. That’s not intimidating. That’s stupid. The only thing that’s good about Seattle is that Nirvana started there.


This is Home of the 12th Man. Stick to being depressed and grunge rock and leave the football to the men.


2 responses to “No It’s Not, Seattle

    • I understand that it’s been settled, but the fact that it’s still used chaps my ass. You can’t tell me, as a proud Aggie, that Texas A&M University isn’t the only Home of the 12th Man.


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