Easy Money: Week 5ish?

Still getting better every week. Let’s keep this short and sweet.

Not a fan of a lot of them this week, but here they are.

Clemson (-7) at Boston College

This line changed when they announced that Sammy Watkins wasn’t playing. Like it really matters.


Missouri (+2) at Central Florida

I really believe that Central Florida is a good team, but come on, +2 is some kind of joke.


Nevada (-18.5) at Texas State

Nevada put up huge numbers last week. Texas State has look pretty bad after their opening week upset over U of H


Other interesting lines. 

Louisiana Tech (-3.5) at Virginia

I think Virginia is a good team, but La Tech did grown man’s work against Illinois last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if I play this game at the last minute. 

UL-Monroe (-20) at Tulane

I have fully ingested Warhawk koolaid. I’m all about them. I’m pretty sure they’re undefeated vs the spread. 20 points is a lot, but Tulane is really bad.

Michigan State (-2.5) vs Ohio State. 

I’m not sure I would play this one if you gave me the money. I’m just so unsure about it. I like to think that Michigan State could easily blow this game wide open, but then again, so could Ohio State. 

That’s it for this week. If any of y’all are interested in getting into this let me know and I’ll email you the information.

Good Luck


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