Because That’s What He’d Want to Do

I never realized how much that I missed my grandfather until I needed to call and ask him some questions that I know he knew the answer. It has been tough for everyone in my family. We all notice things that we do because “that’s what he would want to do.”

Like the other day my mom was at work and on her way home she noticed a Big Lots. She doesn’t particularly care for Big Lots, but my grandfather loved going in there. He just loved going in there, so she went inside and just looked around because he would want to do that.

I’ve noticed myself working on the crossword puzzles in the Battalion on campus. I’m not the smartest guy in the world nor am a huge fan of reading the school newspaper, but lately I’ve been picking them up and looking at the crossword. I’ve had to call people to help me answer a clue and then answer it myself because he would do that.

I try to watch every Rangers game on TV (if I can find it and if there isn’t a football game that Rocket isn’t watching) because he would want to watch it. I try to watch Hogan’s Heroes, but not The Rifleman which comes on right after that because “we don’t watch The Rifleman.” I’ve also found myself trying to diagnose people at work just by looking at them because that’s what he could and would do.

I’ll admit that some of the things that my grandfather made me do in the last few years of his life seemed crazy and seemed impossible for me and my family to do for him. Wild goose chase after wild goose chase he would send us on to find something or do something that wasn’t there or hasn’t been there in ages. It drove me crazy sometimes to the point of being angry with him…

…but dammit, what I wouldn’t give to go on another wild goose chase with him because that’s what he’d want to do.


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