Easy Money: Week 6 (woah, already?)

At this point, I’ve forgotten what my betting record is so far this year. I do know that I’ve got money in the bank which means i must be doing something right. It’s not like anyone reads this thing anyway.

and Here. We. Go.

Northwestern (+2) at Penn State

I’m not gonna lie, Penn State has impressed me so far this season. Their only problem is I feel like they’re riding on pure emotion right now. I think the Wildcats go in and get the dub. After seeing how bad the Big 10 is as a whole, Northwestern might be the best team in the conference, and they’ve got sweet uni’s.

Rutgers (-7) vs UConn

Have you seen Rutgers play yet. If you answered yes, then you know why this is a good pick. If you answered no, then get your pencil and paper, turn this game on and take notes. 

UCLA (-2.5) at Cal

Some of the lines I’m looking at just don’t make any sense to me. This is one of them. I don’t get it. UCLA should run away with this one. 

Risky picks

Washington (+25) at Oregon

I really think this is gonna be a close game, but the Ducks could take any game to the next level in a matter of seconds.

West Virginia (+6.5) at Texas

I’m admittedly biased, but I don’t think Texas has really looked that good this season. On the other side of that West Virginia has looked stupid good. Geno Smith is doing stuff you can’t even do on playstation, and he’s making it look easy. 

Virginia Tech (+5.5) at North Carolina

I know the Hokies have struggled in a couple of games this season, but I really can’t imagine them having a problem in this game.

Arkansas (+8) at Auburn

Arkansas has had, hands down, the worst first month of the season in all of college football. I feel like there’s gonna be a point at which they can turn things around and get them going in the right direction again, and I think that point is this weekend in Auburn, Alabama. 


Vegas be with you (and also with you)



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