Flip Flop Aggie Fans

Last night at the game I noticed a lot of negativity coming from the Aggie fans in the stands. The guy behind Rocket and I last night only said negative things the ENTIRE GAME.

Oh we suck. We lost. (Around the middle of the third quarter when Ole Miss kicked a field goal to take the 20-17 lead.)

Third and 14 for Ole Miss? Here comes a 15 yard play.

This team has let me down before. Might as well go back to The Grove and drink because we’re done.

First of all, shut the heck up. Why are you going to bad mouth your own team like that? It’s people like you that make me wish I carried a stick so I could lash you across the back after every negative comment you say. Yes, last year, the team couldn’t play in the second half. It destroyed us, but that was then, this is now. The team last night showed me that the game isn’t over until it’s over. There’s a “never-say-die” attitude on this team that’s contagious and suggest you catch it.

Secondly, that guy celebrated after every big play that we had as the game was winding down. He gave me and Rocket a high five after a touchdown. Really? You talk all that noise then start thinking that we’re good again until the next negative play? You can’t expect Johnny to put up stupid good numbers like he did against South Carolina State and Arkansas against an athletic, hungry, Land Shark Ole Miss defense. They shut us down until the end. If you think that was rough, wait until LSU comes to town. They’re way better.

Lastly, I understand that it was ugly. I was there, but cheese and crackers, leave that to yourself. It’s just proving that every A&M fan has something to complain about even though we won the game. That irritates the hell out of me. WE WON THE GAME and you’re pissed? That has to be like a man being mad at a woman and the woman being counter-mad for the man being mad at her. It doesn’t make sense. I’ll tell you why people in Aggieland are like that. It’s because of Battered Aggie Syndrome. All the bad things that have happened to us in the past, you think they’re going to happen again. Don’t think like that ever. I’m pretty much saying the same thing as the first point. You think negative and negative things happen. That’s called karma and she’s a Dr. Mullins (my biochemistry professor).

This last thing I’m going to say isn’t about football, but it’s about how people act at the game. I’ve noticed that Aggie fans can’t handle their liquor. As we were walking to our seats, two guys show up hammered drunk. One guy couldn’t even stand up. He knocked a guy over (granted that guy was hammered too). I don’t mind people having a few before a game, but act like you’ve had a few. If you can’t stand up, don’t come to the game. Seriously, just stay outside. You’re representing A&M and you’re making us look like a bunch of drunk rednecks that have never been anywhere before. On top of that, you’re annoying the heck out of people that want to watch the game.

Rant complete.


2 responses to “Flip Flop Aggie Fans

  1. Its people like this that make it hard to actually go to the games anymore. If you (as a loud-mouth fan) are disappointed, that’s fine….but don’t give up on the team, only to celebrate the win which you clearly didn’t believe could happen.


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