Let’s Go Party SEC Style


As I sit in the car on my way back from Oxford, I’m thinking to myself how awesome it was to be on this road trip to watch those Fightin’ Texas Aggies beat the hell outta Ole Miss.

Had a great time on the campus of Ole Miss. Got to cruise around The Grove and meet some cool people. The Rebel Nation knows how to party and the entire time we were there they kept apologizing for the rain and for us not getting to experience The Grove for what it truly is. Even in the rain, Ole Miss fans party hard. I can see why they say that they “always win the party.”

That’s what I love about being in the SEC. Everyone can party and everyone does it differently. Not only that, they’re extremely nice and classy about it (This is also before LSU comes to College Station. Might change this after October 20th.) The three times I’ve seen A&M play Arkansas, their fans have been nice and been great to be around, Florida fans were great earlier in the year, and Ole Miss has made me want to come back every other year to watch the game and be a part of that party.

All that being said, when I get the money (whenever that is), I want to make the trip to watch A&M play all the games in the conference and just experience different things and how people do it in the Southeastern Conference. Wear a houndstooth fedora in Tuscaloosa. Yell “Pig Sooie!” in Fayetteville. See the War Eagle Auburn. See the hedges in Athens. Do the Hottie Toddy in Oxford (done it). Gator chomp in the Swamp. See a night game in Death Valley.

…so if you could send me money or just email me your credit card numbers so I can do all of this partying, that would be great.


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