Easy Money: Week 7

So here we go. There were a couple of surprises last week, but that’s not gonna stop us from going again this week. Sportsbook, the site I use lists the most bet games this week as 1. West Virginia/Texas Tech 2. Florida/Vanderbilt 3. South Carolina/LSU and 4. Kansas State/Iowa State. You wanna know why they’re so popular, because they’re easy money.

West Virginia (-4) at Texas Tech

This blows my mind. I understand that Tech was the number one statistical defense in the country for a period of time, but that pretty much went out the window when they played Oklahoma last week. West Virginia is easily the best offense in the country right now. Side Note: I don’t usually mess with the over/under, but I played it for this game. It was 78 when I bet it. 78 points for two teams that are averaging 52 and 39 points a game. It’s gonna be a shootout, get your popcorn ready.

South Carolina (+2.5) at LSU

If I hadn’t watched these two teams play last week, I probably wouldn’t mess with this game. LSU looked pretty bad last week and South Carolina looked PHENOMENAL. I’m really excited to watch this game. Death Valley one a Saturday night is ridiculous. Drunk fans everywhere, a tiger on the sidelines. It’s gonna be an intimidating atmosphere, but like the Head Ball Coach said, “The tiger doesn’t play defense or offense for them, not yet anyway”.

Kansas State (-7)) at Iowa State

Iowa State looked really good last week, but Kansas State should run away with this one. The best part of this is the bet is even money against the spread for taking K State.

Florida (-9) at Vanderbilt

One of the best college football games I’ve ever seen was a Florida at Vandy game. Unfortunately, I don’t see this one being very good. Florida has really impressed me this season, Vandy’s looked good here and there, but they’re still not on Florida’s level.

Other games I’m interested in:

Rutgers (-7.5) vs Syracuse

Duke (+10) at Virginia Tech

Stanford (+7) at Notre Dame

Oklahoma State (-27.5) at Kansas

Washington (+13) vs USC

Baylor (-7.5) vs TCU

Good Luck


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