Reason Texas Hasn’t Fallen into the Gulf: Because Oklahoma Sucks


Found this on the web. If you aren’t aware, I’m in love with the state of Texas. It’s only the greatest state in the United States and definitely the greatest place in the world.

I mean, I love the other states, they’re okay, but Texas is the place I’d rather be. I don’t care if I ever go to Delaware anyway. You’re just being a dick about Texas. You just think that it’s better and are stuck up about it. I’m not stuck up. I’m just proud to be a Texan.

I mean, how could the residents of this state not have an extreme amount of pride? It’s impossible not to be proud. I mean look at the flag.

That’s a beautiful flag. Look at the flag for Arkansas.

They have to write the state’s name on it so you’ll know which flag you’re looking at. That’s sad. You don’t see that on the Texas flag, why? Because everyone knows what it looks like.

Who wouldn’t want to be here? Davy Crockett told everyone to go to hell and that he was going to Texas. He was from Tennessee! The man left to go fight for a state that he wasn’t even from. Don’t hear anyone doing that for Oklahoma, do you? It’s okay, I can wait. He was at the Alamo, which hands down, is the greatest story in the world. I’ll give you a quick summary. Over 200 people were inside the Alamo walls fought off thousands of Mexican troops for 13 days to prevent Mexico from retaking the Alamo and control of Texas. They could have surrendered, but they would not. Victory or death was the battle cry and those people will never be forgotten. I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it. I mean I had to take Texas history on seventh grade. I’ve never heard of Montana history. Probably not as good.

The first word in space spoken by an American was Houston. I don’t need to go into details. I’ve already won this part of the argument.

Food is better in Texas. I love food, especially food made in the state. Think about it. I live in a state that has Southern, Western, and Hispanic influences on food. Now put all of that into food and you get this.


Barbecue and chili. Other people try to do it better, but they can’t! Sucks to suck.

I could go for days on why Texas is better. We have the best music, including ZZ Top, SRV, country, and blues. The best football in the country. The list goes on forever! Sorry other 49 states, it’s a race to see who is second best. Maybe one day you can compete with us.

…probably not.


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