Collin Klein: Heisman Frontrunner?


People are saying that Klein is the Heisman frontrunner now after this drumming that he put on West Virginia.

What do you think?

I’m not into it. I can’t have another quarterback who has worse form throwing the ball than Christopher Reeve win a Heisman. He’s also from Colorado so he’s obviously a pot head.


2 responses to “Collin Klein: Heisman Frontrunner?

    • I mean, he has played like a man, I’ll give him that, but it is just so hard to watch a Bill Snyder coached team or one of his players. Of course it is working and they are winning, but I guess I so accustomed to the flash and glamor of offenses like Texas A&M’s or Oregon’s flying-high-no-huddle-run-and-gun-super-sexy offense that it’s not fun to watch an old school coach coach his team to win the old school way.

      We will see in the upcoming weeks. The only real challenge they have now until the end of the year is Texas Tech (hard to believe I said that) and maybe TCU because everyone else on their schedule has no defense whatsoever (especially Baylor) so he may feast on them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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