Woke Up This Morning to…


This is Joker, Walt’s dog. He is a good dog, but a little bit on the stupid side. He’s about the level of Forrest Gump mentally. Rocket and I always have conversations with each other through him (if that makes sense) and he talks really slow and country-like (like Forrest Gump). So here is what I think he is saying to me this morning.

Oh hey. You’re awake now. Good. I was worried that you may be dead or something. Could you take me out to poop? I can’t poop in the house or everyone will be mad at me and then I won’t get any cookies. (Dog treats.) So if you could take me out and let me poop and give me a cookie that would be nice. Also, I’ve been licking my wiener a lot this morning and now it’s time to lick you on the face.


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