Bring on Bama!



2 responses to “Bring on Bama!

    • I agree, but LSU ran 80+ plays or so and A&M can run that in the first half. I think the key to the game is going to be the turnover ratio.

      If we turn it over, it’s going to make it a LOT harder to hold the lead because that Alabama offensive line is scary good and they have about 170427194 running backs in that stable in Tuscaloosa.

      If we can force a turnover from McCarron or get a fumble on a handoff, I think it raises our chances, but we need points off of them. Not field goals either. Touchdowns because I refer to the first point of their o-line and back stable, they can chew the clock and slow a game down.

      Should be a good game. Alabama’s Defense is definitely the weak point. Not as good and dominant as they were last year (even though they lead in all statistical categories). I know Sumlin, Kingsbury, and Snyder have a game plan that could shake up the standings.

      …but if Bama wins, I won’t be sad because that means that they’ll play K-State in the National Championship and destroy them.


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