Happy Veterans Day

I would just like to thank all the veterans in the world for giving me this freedom to be able to hunt, watch football, eat bacon, and write these silly blogs every now and then. Thank you all so much. You mean the world to me.

You may not get the thanks and the credit you deserve from the media or even some people from your own country, but those people can go play in traffic because without you, those people wouldn’t have the rights that they do today or in the future.

Both of my grandfathers were veterans and I wish they were still here so I could thank them for the service that they did for this country. They served with honor and did what they needed to do: keep this country protected.

You don’t have a decorated war hero or a man who has killed “fiddy men” like Cotton Hill or even have fired a shot, just you making the pledge to protect this country and fighting for the Red, White, and Blue is more than I could ever even think of doing. Thank you so much. You are heroes and deserve everything in the world!


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