My Dad’s Conspiracy on Why JFF Will NOT Win the Heisman

Let me tell you about my father, he roots for Texas A&M more than I do and you’ve seen how many times I have posted about JFF and Texas A&M. (It’s currently at 17 posts now). He reads on about every sport from football to basketball to golf to equestrian. He knows what’s going on in the locker rooms in Aggieland. He likes every person that plays for the Maroon and White no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what job their mom or dad has. He especially likes Johnny “Football” Manziel. He likes him as a quarterback, as leader, and as a person to represent Texas A&M and the core values that we hold dear to our hearts. That being said, my dad is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. His latest conspiracy that he has come up with is why Johnny Manizel will not win the Heisman. Here are his reasons:

  1. He is from Texas. – Last year, Robert Griffin III went off. I’ll admit it (even though I despise Baylor University), he had a hell of a year. Guess who also has had a hell of a year? That’s right, Johnny Football. JFF is the only freshman, the only SEC player, and only the 5th player in college football history to throw for 3000+ yards and rush for 1000+ yards in a season. That is amazing. So you may be wondering why I brought up RG3? RG3 is from Copperas Cove, Texas, and “those damn Yankees up in New York won’t let two Texas boys win the Heisman in a row and THAT IS WRONG!”
  2. He is a freshman. – He is a redshirt freshman and is doing grown man’s work in the Southeastern conference. What he has done is amazing and I am sure he will be able to do this for the next 4 years. That’s my dad’s next point: he has 3 more years to do the same thing, so why give it to him now? “They’re saying that he can just do what he’s doing now the next few seasons and win it then. The Heisman is given to the most outstanding player in college football and there [isn’t anyone] that is more outstanding or dazzling than Johnny Football.”
  3. He goes to Texas A&M. – I kind of believe this too. I mean it make sense. ESPN has millions of dollars invested in a television station that no one can see for a school that is mediocre. Johnny Football doesn’t go there, he goes to A&M, the school that everyone said would struggle, be dominated/never compete in the SEC, running away from the Big 12, and a list of other things. We’re not supposed to be in this position. We’re not supposed to be beating Alabama, hanging with LSU, or be in a position to play in the SEC Championship game in our first year with our new coaching staff or young quarterback. “This isn’t in the media’s scripts! This isn’t what they want! They want some other joker to win it because then it would be what they want: not Texas A&M in the spotlight! It’s slowly killing them!”

Let me again clarify that my father is not saying he doesn’t want JFF to win the Heisman, he is saying that they won’t give it to him because of those reasons. Do you agree or disagree with him?

He also think it’s a joke that Manti Te’O is even being considered for the Heisman (or any other award) when “[Damontre] Moore is making Te’O look like he’s never played football before. What’s the deal with that kid at Notre Dame? It looks like he’s crying every play.”

I’m sure it’s because of the same reasons.


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