Skeeter Doesn’t Care that the World is Ending


This is my dog, Skeeter. I’ve had him since I was in the eighth grade. He is a precious baby and is the most adorable dog in the world.

As you all know, the world is “ending” today. Well right now in Sydney, Australia, it is December 22, 2012. Yes, that’s right. The world hasn’t ended. So… The Mayans were wrong. Of course they were. Have you seen any Mayans lately?


Thought so.

So I guess I can go on living. We can all go on living. That’s what everyone gets for believing a rock calendar. Sorry I’m not sorry for saying this.

Anyway, I guess you’re wondering why I put a picture of Skeeter on here. I was just showing you that the world wasn’t ending because my dog is still here. If the world had ended, Skeeter wouldn’t be here. He’d be in heaven with all the other dogs because all dogs go to heaven. All of them.

Except this dog.

The Keeper of the Crypt

The Keeper of the Crypt

This dog is going straight to hell.


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