How Long Until This Blog is Posted?

So I graduated this past December and I had to get a “big boy” job according to my mother. Anyway I work at a clinic as the Medical Assistant. I love the job. I love the people that I work with. It is my first real job where I’m a full-time employee and I’m getting great exposure for nursing school and my future in the medical field.

As the MA, I do a lot of stuff on the computer. Mostly enter in the vital signs of patients and tests that the doctors run (mostly urine…that’s another story). I digress.

Another part of my job is to go and get patients out of the waiting room and put them into an examining room for the doctors. Pretty standard stuff when you go to the doctor. If I’ve taken 1 patient back, I’ve taken a thousand back. I’ve seen all sorts of people: tall, short, skinny, fat, every color of the rainbow from all walks of life. I don’t think I have seen the same person twice since I’ve been at the clinic. It’s an experience.

I have seen so many different people, but they all ask the same question: “How long until I see the doctor?” or “How many people are in front of us until they see us?”

Really? You’re going to ask that?

Here’s the beef I have with that question, the entire clinic is filled with people that need to see a doctor, and they’re doing their best to come in and treat you. The staff is doing their best to treat you and get you better.

…but you don’t have the patience to wait? Come on, man. If you were in such a big rush, why did you come to the doctor? It’s almost selfish to ask that.

Hey, I know you’re busy taking care of other people that have been here longer than I have, but could you drop everything and come tend to the problems I have in my life? I’m way more important than all these other people. Thanks.

What gets me is the fact that the majority of the people that ask how long it’s going to be until the doctor sees them are late in the first place! You’re late and then you ask how long until the doctor is going to be. That makes as much sense as wiping before you poop. It doesn’t.

Show up on time and you won’t have to wait very long. Sometimes you won’t have to wait at all! There’s this genius thing called a calendar and what’s neat is that you can write on it, oh I don’t know, say a doctor’s appointment and the time that it starts. It works so well for keeping up stuff, but what do I know? I’m just the MA.

Well, I’m done ranting. Have a nice day.


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