I love Stevie Ray Vaughan. He may be my favorite guitarist of all time. I can’t play guitar, but if I could, I’d want to play like him.

He is phenomenal. I don’t think there is anything that he couldn’t do with his guitar. I saw a video of him on YouTube one time; I think he was playing his cover of Little Wing. Not only do you hear the music, but you feel it. As cheesy and corny and as drug induced as it sounds, it is true. SRV is that good.

To be honest with you, I love the blues. That to me is true music played by real musicians. They play for the love of playing music. Some of the greatest guitarists in the world played the blues. Blues musicians have something that no other artist really has: passion. I’m talking about just a hunger to put out everything you have into your music. You want people to feel what you’re feeling when you play. That’s what SRV does.

In Little Wing, you can feel every ounce of energy that he has into every note his guitar put out. I don’t know if I can describe the feeling I get, but I can see him playing pouring out his soul. It’s just so beautiful. Very few people can reach that level that he plays. It’s like the Lord came and blessed his hands to play the guitar.

Sadly, SRV is no longer with us. He was called back home way too soon. His legacy will live longer than anyone who is playing music nowadays. I mean, how many people can play the guitar behind their back?

What a man.

What a man.

By the way, he’s a Texan. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


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