McDonald’s Fish McBite Back Lashing

Tonight while I was in the shower, jamming out to some Alice in Chains radio on Pandora, the most God awful commercial came on: McDonald’s Fish McBites. I hate the commercial. I especially hate the Fish McBites. I’ve never tried them, but I can assure you that I hate them.

But Jay, how can you have an opinion on something you’ve never tried?

Last time I checked, this was America and I can have my opinion on anything. Look at the liberals, they can say anything they want and no one can get mad at them. I’m not a liberal, but I’m playing that “freedom of speech” card that they play.

My opinion on McDonald’s Fish McBites and the people who eat them is that they should get a lashing on the back with a stick. Seriously, you can’t think that any type of fish from McDonald’s can be good, can you?

And it’s not the fact that I hate fish products and McDonald’s. I mean I do, but that’s another story. The freaking commercial that they play every 35 seconds gets on my nerves. (Click here if you dare watch it).

Whoever came up with that needs to be castrated right now with a rusty butter knife. That’s harsh, but you don’t ever dare interrupt Alice in Chains radio on Pandora with garbage like that. I mean, if I wanted diarrhea from eating something, I’d just eat a hot pocket.

So readers, don’t head out to get Fish McBites or I will find you and give you a lashing on the back.


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