The Gorillaz

Ok so I was thinking about this on the ride home from work today. Let’s set this up, it is the hour long “all-request” time on the radio and a guy requested to listen to The Gorillaz. If you don’t know who they are, they’re a band that is animated.

They're animated.

I have no problem with cartoons, and I’ll admit that I like some of the music that The Gorillaz have done. Not sure if I should admit that last part, but there’s one thing about them that is really bothering me since this afternoon: what if you like them so much you want to see them in concert?

I’m sure someone before me has asked this and I know that I’m a little late to be asking this, but I’m serious, what if there is someone that has just heard of them and wants to go see them in concert? Their hearts would be broken. I hope the animators feel terrible for making a made-up child cry because they can’t see their favorite band live.

…but then again, why is this kid wasting time listening to The Gorillaz?

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