Doc Emrick

Rocket and I are watching the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings play in game 7 of Western Conference Semifinals. Let me tell you something, I am quickly becoming a huge hockey fan. I don’t know if it’s the tension of the two teams that hate each other more than anything and the potential stadium clearing brawl about to happen or the fact that Mike “Doc” Emrick is calling the game.

Mike Emrick

This man is a play-by-play god. He gets pumped up about any and everything in hockey. I bet he could call a little league hockey game and get fired up about it. Listen to him talk in this video.

Holy cow that’s a play-by-play caller! If your heart rate didn’t go up a little, you’re a liar and Jesus knows you’re lying.

Dear Mike Emrick,

Call my day-to-day life.


Everyone ever


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