Please stop

Please stop


In 2008 a monster was released into our television world. This monster is named Flo.

Flo is evil. Flo is the devil. Flo must stop being on television. It’s not like she’s on TV all the time, but it is to the point that I’m starting to be annoyed with her.

What’s sad is that she has almost a cult-like following in the social media world. People actually love her. Love her. Wow. I can’t handle all of that love from a fictitious character on a commercial for insurance. Yes, Geico has the Gecko and 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance, but they variety in their commercials. Flo, has none.

So, here is my proposal people, let’s all send Stephanie Courtney (the lady who acts as Flo) tweets to tell her to stop being Flo or we will start a riot.


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