Aaron Murray…..really?


Really? Aaron Murray over Johnny Football? Look, I understand that Johnny has had some off the field “issues,” (here’s what I think about that), but there’s no way that Aaron Murray is better than that Fightin’ Texas Aggie. Personally, I think it’s another conspiracy that Nick Saban is trying like hell to get him off the team so he can beat Texas A&M in Aggieland because Saban knows with Johnny, no one can beat us. Hell, even without him, we can win at least 9 games easy, including the Alabama game, but I’m an optimist.

So my question is who the hell made this decision? Aaron Murray can’t even beat Alabama! We all watched the SEC Championship game, and if you say you didn’t you’re a liar. Aaron Murray is good, I’ll give him credit, but he isn’t Johnny Football good. I mean look at his stats. Respectable, but look at what Johnny did.

Aaron Murray has one highlight video.

Johnny Football has 23,957,828,904,720,938 different highlights.

I know I seem like a crazy Aggie fan and I’m making my fellow Aggies look somewhat bad, but Johnny Freaking Football is the best player in the Southeastern Conference. That is 100% fact and everyone and their mother knows that.


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