Sorry Everybody

Sorry readers that I haven’t been writing much. I’ve been busy with graduating college and getting a “big boy” job. I’m actually stuck in a rut on what I should […]

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Farewell Chip…

Farewell Chip...

Chipper has been one of my heroes for literally as long as I can remember, granted, I don’t have many memories from before I was 4 anyway. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but every year I played Little League baseball I played on the Braves and I wore #10. Out of all of the things people have had to say about his career coming to an end today, I think Erin Andrews said it the best. “Sad to see [Chipper Jones’] career come to an end. But very thankful I had a chance to witness the career of a MLB icon..All the best Chipper.” Chipper played 19 season in the bigs, every single one of them for the Atlanta Braves. He’s a large part of why the Braves have been so successful during that time period. Chipper finishes his career as a .300 hitter (.303) with 468 home runs, 1,623 RBIs and a whopping 2,726 career hits. He was an eight-time all-star, two-time silver slugger award winner (1999, 2000), the N.L batting champion (2008), and the Braves all-time leader in walks. One of the most impressive stats by Chipper is that in 10,614 career at bats, he struck out just 1,409 times. Chipper was also a tremendous defender, he committed just 243 career errors, which is good enough for 13th all-time in fielding percentage (.954). In an era where sports stars become increasingly “celebritized”, Chipper is one of the last true gentlemen of the game. Widely regarded as a great teammate by players, coaches, and front office staff, Chipper is a great man and model for future athletes to look up too.

We’ll miss you bud.

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